1. Capabilities

  2. At Richland Manufacturing we strongly believe that quality and efficiency is the foundation to our business’ success. This belief is a running thread in every step of our production process, from design & development, to mass production and logistics.

    We can service your brand better with our unique specialities in:

    • • Quality Assurance
    • • Creative Design
    • • Quality Scalability
    • • Quality Optimisation
  1. Quality Scalability

    Producing a high-quality sample is easy; replicating the same quality in mass production is not. As the quantity of products increase so does the number of variables involved in the production process and quality is often sacrificed at the expense of efficiency. At Richland, our product quality is scalable thanks to our two technical arms in the Development Team, Machine Engineering and Materials Engineering.

  2. Machine Engineering

    Our Machine Engineering team leverages machines to enable our workers to consistently produce higher quality goods, with less errors and defects efficiently.

    The team is involved at the beginning of a project to understand customer requirements and assess the processes involved during mass production, pre-empting any risks during production. They then design and build the tools and machines that will assist our craftsman in the production process to achieve a higher level of consistency.

  3. Materials Engineering

    Our Materials Engineering team identifies and creates a material that best suits the project on hand.

    This team is well-versed in the transformations which the materials may go through during mass production, shipping and delivery. They would then identify solutions to compensate for the changes in the material during the production process, such as a specific treatment of the material, or collaboration with the Machine Engineering team to identify unique tools and machines to be used in production.